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We are focused on one thing:
helping you KILLIT in sales!

To succeed today, you need a steady lead flow. Whether you are a life insurance agent, mortgage protection agent, or IUL/Annuity agent, we have the leads exclusively for you. We have 30+ years of lead generation experience, and we are completely independent (no IMO affiliation).

Lead Types

These days lead turn-around can make or break you. All our leads are sent to you the same day we receive them.

We provide direct mail for mortgage protection leads. We also have IUL leads, and Mortgage Protection B leads.

We provide these at a lower price point, giving you a solid ROI.

Our Leads

We provide the following lead types:

 Mortgage Protection

 IUL Leads

 Direct Mail / IUL areas are exclusive to you as long as you continue.

Our Leads

ALL of our leads provide industry leading ROIs.

Mortgage Protection

Recent home purchase or re-fi. Adjustable demographics. Freshest data, or older data available. Processed quicker than any other so you are first in the home.

IUL Leads

These leads find the money! Many 7 figure IUL/Annuity cases have been reported. Incredible ROI for the IUL/Annuity Professional.

B Leads

Mortgage Protection B Leads are qualified responses. Lots of areas available. Great ROI.

Direct Mail and IUL Lead areas are exclusive to you as long as you continue to order.

Most mail houses sell your leads to other agents after ninety-days, as "A-" or "B" leads. As long as you are mailing with us, we won't sell your leads until they are at least a year old. If you stop mailing, we won't sell your leads for a minimum of six months.

Plan Pricing

Scroll Over (or Tap) For Prices

Mortgage Protection

Direct Mail

Just $637 / 1,000 pieces

Recent Home Purchase or Re-Fi.

Adjustable demographics.

IUL Leads

These leads FIND the money!

$185 each (min qty 10)

These find LARGE IUL and Annuity cases.

Exclusive areas available on approval.
(Check with us on your area today.)

Mortgage Protection


Just $5 each
(minimum 50 leads)

Responded within the last year, or two.

Many counties available.

Ready To KILLIT ?


When you have these, you can't lose!

So are you ready to start KILLINIT ?
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